TrailerTime: Free Fire

Ready…aim…fire! The guns are out in full force this afternoon, with the joyously shooty, shouty trailer for Ben Wheatley’s new film Free Fire. Starring Armie Hammer, Brie Larson, Michael Smiley, Sam Riley, Cilian Murphy, Enzo Cilenti, Sharlto Copley & several more great names, Free Fire is about an arms deal gone badly wrong, with a quick descent into a warehouse shootout. With that incredible cast, some delightfully raffish 1970s costumes/hairdos and the reliably adventurous writing pair of Wheatley and partner Amy Jump, this looks like one of the most fun firearms fiascos to hit the screen next year. The film finished shooting last summer and has been in post-production while Wheatley’s High-Rise has had its run – check out this collection of images posted by various cast & crew during filming. With a Toronto premiere under its belt and a momentous London Film Festival closing slot next month, you’ll be hearing the sound of Free Fire a lot over the coming year…

Oh and as well as a hilarious trailer, there’s another killer Wheatley poster below.

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